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Founded 20 years ago in the DRC, the company has five modern rotary drilling rigs and Elgi compressors using the Down The Hole (DTH) drilling method. This allows us to take the lead in the competition in the drilling industry. Two Drilling Rigs have a capacity of 250 meters, Unit Three is 320 meters, Unit Four is 360 meters and Unit Five is the last addition to the drilling equipments. It has a capacity of 400 meters.

Given our experience of 20 years, we have developed a thorough knowledge in the field of drilling as well as an ability to understand the requirements of specific customers as well as specific projects. The company has been involved in a number of projects that involve evaluation studies, baseline and feasibility studies, environmental impact studies, project design and proposal development, evaluation of the community needs, etc.

Currently, the company employs ten drillers and eight assistants who have over thirty years combined experience in drilling and maintenance of machinery.
The Company has a total of one hundred twenty employees, who are members of the drilling team in their respective units. For pumping and recovery tests, the company has six pumps for on-site use, including the equipment needed to lower and lift submersible pumps.

At ORFAP Worldwide, we have the capacity and expertise to satisfy all your drilling requirements. The company quickly gained an outstanding reputation as a quality service provider and internationally renowned. All our works meet local and international standards.


We are a recognized company that has executed water projects, as well as other projects of different governments, companies, large institutions, and NGOs in the regions of DRC and East Africa. These projects consisted of:

  • Investigate groundwater;
  • Drilling drinking water wells;
  • Drilling groundwater holes for agricultural monitoring and dewatering;
  • Drilling holes for geothermal properties;
  • Build water supply systems;
  • Supply and install surface pumps and/or submersible pumps, as well as generators;
  • Build schools, offices, stations, residential homes, hospitals, etc;
  • Supply and installation of solar panels.

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Forage industrielle (Mine dewatering); fourniture des matériels WASH.

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