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“We prevent injuries and hazards in all our work environments. This increases our reputation and productivity.”
Godefroid M.
Managing Director, ORFAP Worldwide Sarl

Quality Health Safety Environment (QHSE)

ORFAP Worldwide Sarl is committed to providing and maintaining a healthy and safe work environment for our employees, through a comprehensive health, safety and environment protection program. Our policy is to provide quality products and services, while taking all reasonable steps to safeguard and protect our employees, contractors, customers, property, the public and the environment.

Management, Supervisors, employees, subcontractors and visitors are required to comply with all applicable Health, Safety and Environment laws and regulations, as well as company standards, programs, rules, procedures, practices and guidelines. ORFAP is committed to meeting or exceeding all applicable legislative requirements.

Managers and Supervisors are responsible for supplying safety and personal protective equipment, ensuring necessary training is in place, identifying hazardous acts and conditions, making employees aware of these hazards and the required control measures. All incidents and near misses will be investigated and adequate control measures implemented to prevent a reoccurrence. All tools, equipment and vehicles must be maintained as per manufacturer’s requirements as a minimum.

All company employees shall wear the required personal protective equipment, participate in safety training programs and safety meetings. Any hazardous act or condition must be reported to their supervisor immediately. All workers have to participate in the stop (unsafe) work program.

Unnecessary risks will not be tolerated nor encouraged. It is our firm belief that an injury-free workplace is attainable and sustainable.

Environmental Protection Plan

ORFAP Worldwide Sarl is committed to protecting the environment and to maintaining the highest standards in public health and safety in an effort to protect the quality of the global environment for future generations.

ORFAP Worldwide Sarl is further committed to ensuring that all applicable regulatory environmental protection requirements are met or exceeded.  Environmental considerations are integrated with business planning.

The management team will coordinate the development and implementation of all environmental protection programs for ORFAP Worldwide Sarl.  Effective programs will be maintained through the HSE Department and will be revised or updated as necessary to minimize negative environmental effects caused by company activities.

The management team will ensure that all employees are informed of the applicable policies and procedures and receive training that emphasizes individual responsibilities for sound environmental management.  All employees are required to adhere to established policies and procedures and will participate in all provided training and meetings.  Employees are encouraged to continue their efforts towards environmental protection by participating in recycling programs at home.  Employee compliance with policies and procedures will be monitored on an ongoing basis.

An Emergency Response Plan has been established by ORFAP Worldwide Sarl to minimize consequences caused by emergency events and personnel will be trained on effective response protocols.

ORFAP Worldwide Sarl will complete regular reviews to ensure compliance with the environmental protection program.

Safety Management Program

ORFAP Worldwide’s HSE Program focuses on the following areas:

⦁ Leadership and Administration
⦁ Policies / Procedures
⦁ Rights and Responsibilities
⦁ Management Commitment
⦁ Hazard Recognition and Evaluation
⦁ Hazard Control
⦁ Environmental Protection
⦁ Loss Control
⦁ Training and Communication
⦁ Legislative Reporting
⦁ Incident Reporting and Investigation
⦁ Emergency Preparedness
⦁ Planned Inspections
⦁ Audits / Inspections
⦁ Annual HSE Goals / Objectives
⦁ Leading Indicator (HID, JOBs, NM) Safety Awards Program
⦁ Personal Protective Equipment
⦁ Group Meetings
⦁ Management and Employee Training and Motivation
⦁ COR (Certificate of Recognition)

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