Drilling Services

ORFAP Worldwide is known to have handled the most important, deepest, most technical and
most challenging drilling projects, completing them with reliable and accurate results.
Our local team and global infrastructure ensure optimal performance, productivity and security.
We offer the best drilling services.

Our drilling services may be more common in quarries, but ORFAP Worldwide Sarl has earned a reputation for being a specialist in close-proximity blasting. We’ve been the preferred contractor for clients who require drilling and blasting near roads and populated areas. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another drilling contractor in Africa that can compete with our level of expertise.

  • Low-vibration blasting (for small-scale and close-proximity blasting)
  • Non-explosive blasting
  • Large-diameter drilling (up to 600mm)
  • Deep borehole drilling
  • Geothermal borehole drilling (reaching depths of up to 350m)

From our inception, we have always invested in the latest technology and supported further training and development of our office staff and specialists. We also relentlessly pursue new and better ways of completing drilling and blasting projects more efficiently. Choose ORFAP Worldwide Sarl to access drilling services that are both time and cost-efficient.

Drilling for Geotechnical Investigations

Before any construction takes place, it is very important to get soil samples from various depths directly beneath the site of your proposed project. You can then send these samples to geotechnical labs, where they will assess if your location is viable for the structure you want to build.

We have the expertise and equipment to perform the following:

  1. Drilling Services
  2. Drilling and Blasting
  3. Large Diameter Drilling
  4. Deep Bore Holes
  5. Geothermal Drilling
  6. Geothermal Boreholes

To streamline your site preparation, ORFAP Worldwide offers geotechnical services like ground anchoring, soil nailing, meshing, grouting and rock bolting. These complement our drilling and blasting services. After we remove a portion of the rock face, our earthworks ensure that the remaining rock will be stable and intact.
Cover all your bases with ORFAP Worldwide Sarl. Enquire about our drilling and blasting services and the added benefits of our geotechnical services today.

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